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When adopting a cat/kitten through R.A.C.I., while the cat/kitten is free, our policy is that we do not release any cat/kitten unless they have been de-sexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated.  Therefore we need to be reimbursed for these costs plus other necessary expenses incurred in ensuring their welfare.   However, for administrative convenience we have set the reimbursement amount at $150.

We make no profit on this as the amount goes towards reimbursing us for Veterinary costs, flea and worm treatments and litter.

Once your chosen cat or kitten has been de-sexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped, your new family member will be ready for collection 24 hours after surgery.

De-sexing a newly adopted cat or kitten before re-homing is an a fundamental principle of R.A.C.I. Just one pair of un-de-sexed male and female cats can produce up to 52 offspring in just 1 single calendar year between them. As litters can be between 4 and 6 kittens at a time and a female cat is capable of reproducing up to 3 times a year, this makes for a large contribution to the problems associated with the overpopulation of unwanted cats and kittens Australia wide. Our aim is to try and reduce this by only re-homing a de-sexed pet which will help reduce this problem.

Vaccinations are necessary to help protect against highly contagious and often fatal diseases.

Micro-chipping is compulsory with all pet registrations and are a permanent form of identification and play and integral part in reuniting you and your pet should he or she ever get lost or separated from you.  If you have selected your pet after the micro-chip has been implanted there will be a transfer of ownership fee payable ($8.95) to the organization who maintains the micro-chip records.

Worm-treatment against intestinal worms is also a necessary part of keeping your cat and your human family-members healthy.