Suggestions for Owners needing to Re-home their pet

Please find below some suggestions for re-homing your own cat(s) and/or kitten(s):


* Ask all your friends, family, neighbours, work-colleagues, parents at school, people at your gym or social group, or other groups you attend.


* Make up a poster (with photo, pets details and your contact-details) to hang up in schools, at your work-place in the coffee-room, or local supermarket, your gym and other public places.


* Make up flyer (again with photo, your pets details and your contact-number) you can hand out to people interested.  If a friend of a friend could offer a new home for your feline family member, they have all the information they need right there.


* Do a letter-box drop with the flyer in your area, the right person to provide your family pet with a new loving home may be just around the corner.


* Take out an ad in your local paper, school-news-letter, sport-club-newsletter or other locally circulated publication. If you have two animals you would like to re-home as a pair, state that clearly in your ad.


* Advertise on an advertising Website that caters for that specific purpose. Type into your search engine words like ‘cat’ – ‘kitten’ – ‘adoption’ – ‘for sale’ - . Then several relevant websites should come up for you to have a look at. Write a few lines describing their character and perhaps a cute anecdote that gives a good indication of what sort of family or person would be best matched with your pet and upload a photograph of your pet.


* If you are unable to re-home your cat(s) and/or kitten(s) with people you know and trust, we do suggest that when you advertise you put a (reasonable) price for your animal in your ad, as while you can put ‘free to good home’ it may not necessarily guarantee that the person collecting your animal(s) is genuine and will want them for a pet. If a person is willing to pay a reasonable price for your feline family member to take them on, they are more likely to be genuine and willing to look after it for the rest of its life. They will also be more inclined to outlay any veterinary fees should they arise in future.


* If you have an older animal with possibly some pending or existing medical problems, you may decide to advertise that you intend to contribute to the cost of its ongoing medical treatment after adoption. This will make it easier for someone to decide to take on your family pet and care for it for the rest of its life, knowing you are there to help with the financial side of things.


* If after all the above you have not (yet) been able to re-home your feline family member(s), but your circumstances are about to change, you may wish to consider boarding your cat(s) and/or kitten(s) until you have found them a new permanent loving adoption home.


Good luck from all at Rescue A Cat Inc. On behalf of your feline family member(s), we thank you for making the efforts to finding them a loving new permanent home.




Members of the public are welcome to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. briefly detailing a description of their cat(s) and or kitten(s) they are looking to re-home themselves.


Please note that we do NOT actively advertise your animals, but we can keep your details on file in case we are contacted by someone looking to adopt a cat or kitten that fits the description and characteristics of the family pet you are looking to re-home.


Please copy and paste the following information into an email and fill in the details being brief and to the point (do NOT send us any pictures):



* Cat / Kitten details:


- Age / D.O.B. (Date of Birth):

- Male / Female:

- De-sexed or entire:

- Breed:

- Size:

- Long / Medium / Short-haired:

- Colour / Markings:


- (Micro-chipped: yes / no)

- (Vaccinated: yes / no)

- (Wormed regularly: yes / no)

- (Flea-treated regularly: yes / no)


- Name:


- Character / temperament:


- Likes / dislikes:


- Now lives with: (State details like: family with small children or retired single person, or with no other animals, or with two dogs and a duck, etc.)


- Any known health-issues:


- Other relevant information:


* Owner's details:


- Name:

- Phone-number and/or email-address.



We would appreciate it if you'd also let us know when you have been successful in re-homing your feline family member, so we do not needlessly send people your way, nor keep your cat's details on file longer than is necessary or practical for us.


All RACI members are volunteers and most of us have regular jobs and/or young families to look after as well as our RACI cats and kittens, so please consider this when contacting us.


Thank you.