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Teeth/Dental Care

It is a good idea to get your kitten used to eating different textured foods from a young age.

Apart from feeding a soft (fresh meat) or canned variety of food it is a good idea to offer a dry food as well to help prevent plaque and tartar build up. RAW chicken bones are also good to introduce at a young age. The gnawing reduces the build up of plaque and tartar which is the main source of gum disease in domestic cats. This can lead to serious health problems down the track and the possible loss of teeth later in life.

Your cat will most likely require a dental scale at some stage of it's life, but if you can post-pone this as long as possible through the type of food you feed them, the longer it will be before your cat will require an anaesthetic. Anaesthetics always pose a small risk to your animal, so the fewer times your pet requires one, the better it is for it's overall health.