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Micro-chipping is now compulsory with all new pet registrations with Local Councils. A micro-chip is a permanent form of identification. It provides an individualised identification number for each pet contained in a capsule that is the size of a rice grain. The capsule is implanted by a Vet just under the skin behind the back of the neck via a quick injection. This can easily be done during the de-sexing procedure when your cat is under anaesthetic, but also afterwards, with little discomfort to your pet.

Should your cat be found wandering or hurt and is taken to a Vet clinic or Animal Shelter it will immediately be scanned for a micro-chip. This individual identification number is recorded on a central database system and linked with the owner's personal contact details. Through this information you can be contacted immediately if your cat has been identified, which is especially important in the case of a medical emergency. It is extremely important to update your personal contact details whenever you move house or change your phone numbers.